Style Mistakes to Avoid

If we took on board all of the style rules we are told to follow by fashionistas, it is fair to say we probably wouldn't make it out of the front door. Plus, too many dos and don'ts can take all the fun out of fashion. That said, however, by avoiding making some basic mistakes when putting your outfits together, you can improve your look without feeling stripped of your freedom to experiment with clothes.

Wearing the Wrong Underwear


Think of your underwear as the foundations of your outfit -- the solid base upon which your entire look is built. If your bra and panties are not the correct fit, unsightly bulges or lack of support will show on the outside and potentially spoil your appearance. Underwear that is the right size and which provides the support you need can make you look lighter and improve posture, changing your entire silhouette for the better. Also, you will probably feel more comfortable and attractive as a consequence. Many stores offer a bra-fitting service, so there is no need to rely on guesswork.

Not Dressing for Your Body Type

Whether you are tall, short, curvaceous or willowy, or one of the many sizes and shapes in-between, you are made differently to everyone else. It seems obvious, therefore, that the same styles will not suit us all. So instead of standing in front of the mirror cursing those 'bits' of your body that are not perfect, while forcing them into outfits that do nothing for your figure, focus on what you love about yourself, and pick clothes that accentuate those assets and play down the areas you are less happy with. Luckily, there are scores of guides and articles available online to help you make the right choices for your shape. Moreover, finding clothes that suit you should not be difficult. Many stores cater for everyone, carrying entire ranges for tall, petite and plus-size women, and the choice is even wider online.

Wearing the Wrong Colors


One of the most common fashion mistakes we make is not paying attention to colour when shopping for clothes. Yet, even the wrong shade can make you look sallow-faced or washed out. Colours that complement your hair and eye colour, and skin tone, can give you a healthy glow and make you look full of vitality. If you are unsure of what suits you, try on different colours in the same outfit and study your appearance in the fitting-room mirror to see which works best. As with dressing for your body type, if you are really stuck, there are plenty of sources online offering tips to point you in the right direction.

The fundamentals of style should not be ignored if you want to look your best, but there are countless other fashion rules that are meant to be broken. So the good news is that you can still be brave, daring and unique with your look, and you absolutely should.