3 Ways to Be Trendy, Not Spendy!

Taking risk with fashion is fun, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Here are 3 ways to have fun with your fashion without spending a lot.

Trendy Doesn't Have to Be "Spendy"


The hottest trends are just that: trends. It's no wonder you hate to invest big bucks in something that may only be in style for a season or two tops. A great way to take risk with fashion is add trendy pieces that integrate into your existing wardrobe. Instead of the name brand, $400 over-the-knee boots, try shopping discount warehouse shoe stores. They often have all the latest looks, but at highly discounted (and affordable) prices.

Thrifty is Nifty


What is old is new again at some point, so your local thrift store is a great place to score trendy looks for less. Again, think of key pieces you can score second hand and integrate with your existing items like a great flannel shirt or leg warmers to style a throwback look! Be careful of stains and tears in all the wrong places, but remember that they can sometimes add to the character of a "vintage" clothing item.

Don't Shop. Swap!


How many clothing items do you and your friends own collectively? Easily thousands, so why not shop in each other's closets? A friendly clothing swap is a great way to experiment for FREE with clothing you're not totally committed to yet. Take that trendy look for a test drive and then decide to plunk down the big bucks for your own.

This is just a short list of the ways to add fun and fashionable trendy style to your wardrobe without spending tons of money. With a little creativity, the possibilities are limitless, even if your budget isn't.