5 Common Weight Loss Myths

There is so much information available regarding weight loss that it is sometimes difficult to make the distinction between reliable facts and myths. Here are five of the most common weight loss myths, and the reasons why you should discount them if you're serious about losing weight.

Don't eat between meals


This is one of the most frequently repeated myths out there. In most instances, the opposite is true. Eating small, frequent meals can actually help you to lose weight as it boosts the metabolism, so forget about eating three large meals per day and rather divide your food into several smaller portions. The important thing is to eat healthily and not snack on junk food.


Slimming pills will help you lose weight


You might be able to lose a few pounds with the help of slimming pills, but the excess weight will soon find its way back if you do not make permanent healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. The most effective way to lose weight is by changing your eating habits and also building more physical activity into your life.


Carbohydrates will make you gain weight


This is partially true, because many comfort foods that are high in refined carbohydrates are also filled with calories. However, there are healthy sources of carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits which you should incorporate into your eating plan. Then your body will get all the carbohydrates it needs without running the risk of weight gain.


Drinking water helps you lose weight


Although drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate waste from your body and keep you well hydrated, it is not a miracle cure when it comes to losing weight. Water can help you to feel fuller for longer as it helps take the edge off your appetite, but it will not actually help you to lose weight. You still need to control your food intake and ensure you get plenty of exercise.


Everyone loses and gains weight at a similar rate


Everyone is different in the way their body processes food and stores fat. Therefore, you should not assume that a diet programme that works for someone else will also work for you. You need to devise your own healthy eating plan and make sure that you follow an appropriate exercise routine to maximize your weight loss.


When it comes to losing weight there are lots of myths and misinformation out there. For this reason you need to check out all the "facts" you come across. There is plenty of reliable information on those reputable sites which specialise in nutrition and weight loss, so nobody needs to be taken in by the diet myths.