6 Gifts that Set College Students to Success

College years add up to a fun, life-changing experience. They also requires more work than many young adults have had in their lives up to now, and it can be a great preparation for the life and career ahead. Help students set themselves to success with these 6 gifts.

1. Mentorship

Going to college is a big deal. It’s a huge first step toward a fascinating career. There are plenty of books out there to help college students make smart choices and increase their chances to succeed, but students usually have more on their reading list than they’re able to consume.

A session or a few with a mentor who’s already successful in their dream industry can make a world of difference in how they spend their college years or step out into post-college world. It could also be the beginning of building connections in their industry.

2. Laptop

Notebooks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as more and more students bring their laptops to class as note-taking tools. Computers in general are necessities in campus, as they’re used to communicate with other students and professors and to submit papers.

Laptops in particular are prone to a short lifespan in campus. One misplaced coffee cup or another student trying to get to their seat passed you and your laptop, and a new laptop will soon be on the “buy urgently” list.

3. Backpacks

With a laptop, library books and daily usage, college students go through more than one bag throughout their degree. Help them out by getting them one quality bag that will hopefully last a while.

4. Scanner Pen

Summarizing books, notes and academic articles is one of the most common actions college students take. Scanner pens save precious time – a rare commodity for students – by transferring chosen pieces of text to the computer without the need to type.

5. Noise Blocking Headphones

A top task on students’ to-do list is to concentrate. With everything that goes on in a life of a student, it’s not always easy to put all your focus on your studies, even if you love your major. Headphones that block out noise can support students in the long hours of moving through books and notes.

6. Restaurant or Attraction Gift Card

Most students aren’t the richest they’ll ever be while attending college, to say the least. Many pour hours into their studies and many more hours into a job they sometimes don’t like just to make ends meet. A restaurant or attraction gift card is a fun way to get them to take a break and pamper themselves – plus they’ll have an excuse to get to know their new city if they’ve moved away for college.

By the way, if it’s a new city, throwing in a travel guide book or movie DVDs featuring their new home is another fun way to help them celebrate this transition to a brand new world.