7 Essentials for the Perfect Staycation

Everyone could use a vacation every now and then, but it doesn’t have to involve long distance travel or lots of planning. In fact, you can vacation right at home.

To get you started, here are 7 ingredients for a fabulous staycation.

1. Hang Out Fun

Get your childlike spirit going with a new swing. Or, if you’ve always wanted a hammock, now’s the time to get one and hang it right at home. Throw in some cushion seats on the floor if you’ll be sharing your staycation with others.

2. Books and Reading Nooks

An alternative to a hammock is, of course, a reading nook. Make sure to add some extra comfortable pillows and… oh yeah, books.

3. Music

CDs or iPod – it doesn’t matter. Blast out those tunes and start dancing!

4. DVDs (and Awards!)

Movie or TV show marathons are perfect for staycations. You could always pretend you’re in a movie festival by buying a simple whiteboard and ranking the movies. If you’re staycationing with others, have each person choose a movie and have everyone vote at the end. The person whose movie got the most votes gets a “You Deserve an Oscar” replica of the real award.

You could do it with TV shows too. Everyone can present one episode of their favorite TV show, and the person who convinces most people to keep watching gets a “You Deserve an Emmy” replica of the real award.

5. Bicycle

Staycations are a great excuse to buy yourself a new bicycle. Then, take it out and explore your local surroundings. Chances are there’s plenty of riches nearby that you so often miss as you go through your daily life.

6. New Bed Sheets

Buy yourself new bed sheets to indulge yourself, or exchange rooms with your roommates, kids or siblings. This way, you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new place without ever leaving your home.

7. Massage Oils

Vacations are about pampering ourselves and the ones we love. If you’re staycationing with someone special, buy some massage oils and give yourself a massage. If you staycation on your own, you can still get a massage at a local business. Support your community by loving yourself.