Gifts for Someone Who’s Moving to a New Place

Want to help someone in your life that’s moving to a new place, but not sure how? Try these 5 ways to show them you care while making things a little easier for them.

1. Food for the Day

Moving requires many last minute errands and concerns. It might also involve a long commute. Food for the road or gift certificates to popular food chains they might be able to find on the way could be helpful in keeping everyone’s energy going.

2. Way to Pass the Time and Reduce Stress

If the movers in your life have kids, buying these kids some toys they can play without their parents could help keep them busy and their parents more productive. An iPod filled with great music will help pass the time in the car on the way to the new place. It’ll also help everyone stay less stressed through the packing and unpacking processes.

3. Essentials for the First Few Days

Moving takes a lot out of most people. Spare them the need to unpack everything right away by giving them some towels, toothpastes and toothbrushes, food that doesn’t require refrigerating, bottled water and a set of bed sheets. If they move before their bed arrives (and if you know they like camping or their kids have a lot of sleepovers), buy them a sleeping bag.

4. Introduction to the New Neighborhood or City

If someone’s moving to your city or neighborhood, prepare them a list of local hangouts, doctors and other necessities. You could also do this for someone who’s moving away from you – save them precious time by doing this research for them.

Give them gift cards to restaurants or memberships to places where they can meet other people while getting acquainted with their new surroundings, like classes, a museum or a gym.

5. Keychain

If someone’s waited a long time to move to a new place, or if it’s their first ever place on their own, this transition will be extra emotional and significant to them. Buy them a personalized keychain or one with an image or message that means something to them, so that every time they see it or touch it, they can remember everything they’ve accomplished to get to this point.