5 Gifts to Warm Up a New Home

Moving into a new place is an exciting time filled with new possibilities. It’s an opportunity to create a space that supports you to be everything you can be. If you’re invited to visit someone’s new home, bring abundance with you in the form of one of these gifts.

1. A Tree or Terrarium

Bring a piece of nature to someone’s new home by bringing them a terrarium they can place wherever they choose. If they have a backyard, a tree or seeds that one day will grow into a tree might be a better idea. Throw in a hammock and a book, and the new home owners will be in nature paradise right at home.

2. Kitchen Gadgets

Most of us can use some sort of kitchen gadget, yet many won’t buy themselves a veggie slicer or ice cream maker. Choose one of these or go with a juice or coffee machine to contribute a spark of the good life to your receiver’s new home.

3. Large Cups or Soup Bowls

Help them indulge in a good cup of coffee or a delicious bowl of soup. You know that feeling of not wanting a great drink or meal to end. With large dishes, it won’t end. Well, at least not as fast.

4. Wall Art

Nature themed, movie themed, fun filled wall art can transform a way a place looks. It’s important to consult with the people who will actually live there, but buying some wall art for them could quickly lead to inspiration and good vibes at home.

If wall art is a bit much, create a photo collage or buy photo frames they can fill themselves.

5. Doormat or Pillow

A doormat is the first thing people see when they come back home. Get one with an inspiring message or a beautiful image. Do the same for pillows or pillowcases. It’s the little things that turn an apartment or a house into a home.