How to Give Someone the Star Experience

Hollywood might not be as glamorous as it would like us to believe, but fantasies are fun to play out. Whether you have someone in your life who dreams about making it big in show biz or simply someone who really enjoys a good movie or music, give them a star experience kinda day with these 6 gifts.

1. You Deserve an Oscar/Emmy/Grammy/Tony

Ever stood in front of the mirror with your hair brush, wishing it was an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or Tony award? Do you already have your acceptance speech ready?

If the person in your life does, giver her or him a “You Deserve an Oscar” award. It’s a replica of the real thing, and you can find one for any of the major awards.

2. Car Plate with their Name

Help your friend tell the world know who they are by buying them a car plate with their name on it. Even if they end up placing it at home and not on their car, they’ll know they’re a star in your eyes.

3. Gown or Tuxedo

Take your friend shopping for a star-like night. Buy them an evening gown or a tux and throw a party at home to celebrate how great they are.

4. Fancy Accessories

Throw in some designer shoes (or replicas), exquisite bling-bling jewelry or hair pieces and a beautiful purse.

5. Microphone or Musical Instrument

A microphone can be used to accept the award, or it can be used to perform like a star. If your friend prefers playing the music, buy her or him a musical instrument, like a guitar.

6. A New Pillow and Spa-licious Products

After getting all glamorous and giving the performance of a lifetime, every star needs some pampering and a good night’s sleep. Get your friend a massage at a spa, a massage chair or some bath salts, then add a new pillow (or mattress or bed) for sweet dreams.