6 Gifts that Will Help You Love Your Body More

Your body is the greatest gift you’ve ever received. It is your most powerful, loyal supporter, even if it doesn’t always feel this way. Here are our 6 suggestions of gifts to give yourself as you take your relationship with your body to a more loving place.

1. Books that Make a Difference


Plenty of books recommend that you be kinder and more loving to your body. Few pull back the curtain and teach you the inner workings of our cultures and why most of us don’t enjoy looking at a mirror. Naomi Wolf’s book, The Beauty Myth, is one of the few that does it brilliantly. Rhonda Britten’s Get Over Your Body and On with Your Life gives you actionable advice you can implement right now to accept and love yourself a little more.

2. A New Full-Size Mirror


Many of us dream of a new mirror, or rather – a new image to be reflected in the new mirror. While we might look the same, you can learn to position your mirror in a way that empowers you most, but more importantly… a new mirror might be a new opportunity to tell yourself a different story as you check out how you look.

A new mirror is especially important if you don’t own a mirror at all. A full size mirror will help you face yourself and if you practice looking for ways to see yourself as beautiful and as worthy as you’d like to be, perception will turn into reality. You’re already beautiful. A new mirror can help you see it.

3. Lipstick


You’re already beautiful as you are, even without a single piece of lipstick. This isn’t about ways to improve how you look. You’re perfect just the way you are.

This time, buy a lipstick to send yourself a message. Buy it to write on your mirror, “Warning: Reflections in this mirror might be distorted by socially constructed ideas of ‘beauty’.”

It never hurts to have a reminder.

4. Delicious Food


Part of loving your body is to nurture your body. Buy ingredients and prepare yourself that delicious meal you’ve been fantasizing about, or invite yourself to a really good restaurant.

If you worry about what you eat because you know you’ll be facing yourself in your new mirror, schedule regular no-judgment eating times on your calendar, and then look in your mirror and write down the happy feelings food stirred up. Also write down what you love about your body. Practice will make it easier.

5. Spa Day or Spa Products


Go the extra mile and pamper your body to show it some love. Buy a pass to a spa, get a massage – or bring the spa home with massage chairs, bath salts or anything else that transfers you to joy land.

6. A Microphone


Claim your worth and beauty by putting yourself out there. Get a speaking gig or sing some karaoke. Practice going 1 minute without worrying how you look. Then get it up to 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Speak your message and show the world how powerful and valuable you are. How beautiful you are inside and out.

Practice having fun.

Fulfilling your potential and claiming your power will have you marvel at your new mirror when you get back home. You might even find yourself smiling when you see everything you can be reflected back to you.