7 Items to Help You Indulge in the Magic of Winter

At last, the season of cuddling has arrived. As rain start pouring on your windows, you’ll wake up to a blanket of snow that invites you to come play. Here are 7 items that’ll help you indulge in the magic of winter.

1. A Warm Blanket

Drop that alarm clock and stay in bed those extra 5 minutes. Plan a weekend of doing nothing but watching movies or reading page-turning books while cuddling in a warm blanket.

2. Winter Clothes

Gotta get up? Want to play in the snow? Winter clothes, all the way to your coat, scarf and hat, are an awesome way to keep that cuddling feeling wherever you go. Throw in some colors to light up the mood as you get silly and jump in puddle after puddle.

Just don’t forget to get yourself a great pair of boots…

3. Ski and Snowboard Equipment

Why settle for puddles when you can go up the mountains and live it wild on your way back down? Get yourself some ski or snowboard equipment, sign up for some lessons and hit those slopes!

4. Snow Blower

Of course, sometimes you need to get rid of some snow so you can leave your house and see how winter wonderlands look like in other neighborhoods too.

Make sure you have a good snow blower to help you clear the snow quickly. The puddles and mountains are anxiously awaiting for you to drive out of your driveway and come experience everything they have to offer.

5. Big Bowls

Winter is the season to indulge in pampering. Buy yourself or a loved one the largest soup bowels you can find, then buy the ingredients you love most and turn them into soup delight.

6. Coffee and Juice Machines

Those warm blankets can easily make you feel sleepy, but though sun hours are fewer, winter is the season to take in the marvel. Buy a coffee machine to prepare the tastiest coffee around without waiting in cold lines, or buy a juice machine to strengthen your immune system.

7. Fireplace

Traditional or eco-friendly, fireplaces are the things movie-like moments are made from. Cuddle in front of them with that warm blanket and daydream. Decide the first step toward making your biggest dream a reality because in winter wonderland mode anything is possible.