Help the Entrepreneurs in Your Life Launch a Successful Business with These Powerful Gifts

The journey of entrepreneurship is one of the most exciting journeys a person can embark on. It ain’t always easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile. Here are a few gifts that can help your favorite entrepreneur launch her or his business or take it to the next level.

1. Self-Taught Education

Entrepreneurs have a lot to learn, and to stay successful, they’ll keep on learning. Among others, they’ll master what it means to set up a business, market, hire employees and become better in their field.

Books, e-books and trade magazines are a great way to get started, start learning the ropes – or go deeper on their own once one feels comfortable with the basic she or he learned from others.

2. Training and Mentorship

There’s really no price you can put about getting major shortcuts by learning from those who have been where you are while creating personal relationships with industry leaders. Picking the right training or mentorship program is crucial, but when done right, helping your favorite entrepreneur tap into these resources can be one of the biggest influences in their business success.

3. Services

Many entrepreneurs don’t have much of a budget when they first get started, so they end up doing everything around the business themselves. As a result, they must go through multiple learning curves in a variety of topics and it could take them much longer to scale their business.

As a gift, you could offer to help your favorite entrepreneur by taking some tasks off her hands or helping out with a specialty of yours, such as web design or copywriting. Alternatively, give her a coupon to get these services from someone else.

4. Website Basics

With all the expenses involved in starting a business, it’s shocking how many entrepreneurs skip the crucial step of getting a professional website – even though it’s not really that expensive.

Hosting a small website costs around $10 a month and a great domain (Internet address, like costs about $13 a year. Many website designs, known as “themes”, are available for free or for as little as $30-100.

In this ever-digitizing world, if you don’t have a website, you might as well not exist. Your credibility suffers greatly. If the entrepreneur in your life doesn’t want to spend the time and money on the basics, suggest doing it for them or helping them out. They can always upgrade to a more professional design or their own server when their business grows, but a few simple steps will help them get a much better start.

5. Conference Tickets

Relationship marketing is hot for a reason. People prefer doing business with people they already like and trust. Getting your name and your business out there in front of potential customers and business collaborators is crucial, but the best way to do it – attending conferences – can be expensive.

If possible, buy your favorite entrepreneur a ticket to her dream conference. If that’s too expensive, buy her a ticket to a local event to encourage her to get started.

6. Business Cards

Even in the world of smartphones, everyone in business needs a business card. It’s probably best to include your favorite entrepreneur in your quest to provide her with a powerful card that will get her phone ringing off the hook, because it’s important the card represents her and her brand the most authentic, useful way possible.

7. Agronomic Office

If your entrepreneur is anything like many other 21st century entrepreneurs, chances are she’ll be spending lots of time in her own office by her computer. Help her take care of her health by giving her a great desk or a chair that supports her back.

8. Gadgets that Simplify Life and Improve Business

A good smartphone has become a necessity, especially if your favorite entrepreneur is always on the go. E-book readers can make it easier on her to stay on top of her industry, while a high quality camera can help her tap into one of the most powerful forms of marketing and connecting with audiences – video.

Yet entrepreneurs need more than that. They’re starved for time and need to move quickly through everyday tasks so they can focus on bringing in the money. Give them gadgets that cut vegetables fast, clean their carpets with a click of a button or help them navigate through their new business connections and they’ll think of you, smiling, every time they gain an extra hour to make a living doing the work they love.